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I've been receiving lots of inquiries on how to start your own t-shirt line/business!!!

So here it is: Design With Me ~ How to Start Your Own T-shirt Business Virtual Masterclass.

This is not even half of what this one-day intensive training course will cover:

•How to start your t-shirt business
• How to make your own T-shirts.
•How to market your business.
•Choosing the right niche.
•Choosing a platform that works best for you.
•Mistakes I made launching my t-shirt business.
•How to start with little to no money.
•How to design your t-shirts.

And much MORE!!!!
This class is one-on-one or multiple tickets can be purchased for a group session at a group rate. If you would like to book a group session, please email me before making a purchase:
Class Date and time will be set according to your schedule.
***All payments (full and installments) are non-refundable***

How to Start Your Own T-shirt Business Masterclass

  • There are no refunds for class payments (full and/or installments. 

    All sales are final.

    In the event that there is a glitch in the system during the checkout processs, causing the customer to over pay, a refund will be issued. If there is a glitch in the system which causes an underpayment, you will be contacted immediaely to take care of the amount owed.

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