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Who's the CEO?


Sharonda Jones


CEO of 5:13 Apparel

CEO and Founder of Woman Arise International LLC

Founder of Girls Bond Mentoring

Sharonda Jones, known as "The Purpose PullHer," is an entrepreneur, speaker, business & life coach, aspiring author, mentor, and woman of God. She was born to encourage, jump-start, serve and support women in ministry and the marketplace by helping them discover and fulfill their purpose, push past their pain, setbacks, and fears, and build their faith in God. She is the voice of inspiration to many. Her hunger to serve is no secret and she does this well and from the heart. Her life experiences, training, and exposure to countless situations and opportunities have afforded her the privilege and platform to pour back into others. 


Sharonda is a certified life coach and is currently pursuing her degree in Business Administration.

She is the founder of Woman Arise International LLC, a company that consists of business coaching and mentoring women to fulfill and walk in their divine purpose.

5:13 Apparel was also birthed under her LLC and this business is an apparel line that speaks the heart of God.

Sharonda is very candid and transparent and doesn't mind sharing her testimonies and struggles with others. For this reason, many women are drawn to her message and are able to relate. Many women are attracted to her zeal and joyful spirit. When she speaks her audience listens.

In addition, Sharonda also helps entrepreneurs and business owners establish their presence in the social media world. She teaches and trains on how to overcome the fear of social media, how social media can generate leads and customers for your business, and proper social media etiquette.

Collaboration, unity, and support are three factors Sharonda highlights as they are necessary for building relationships, growing businesses, and personal development. Her motto is "We All Win." She wants everyone she comes in contact with to know and understand that using her candle to light theirs doesn't stop hers from burning.


To connnect with Sharonda, send an email to:


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